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    Precision Turned &
    Milling Machining Services

    Precision CNC Turning Services

    Milwaukee Precision Machining has the know-how and experience to meet your high requirements for turning and milling CNC projects. We have the ability to finish to tolerances as close as +/- .001”. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified machine shop can provide you with a turn-key product ready for assembly.

    We specialize in turning, drilling, tapping, and a variety of other machining capabilities to offer a complete product, Milwaukee Precision Machining can also quote your bar stock requirements, whether it is short run or high volume.

    Turning & Milling Equipment:

    CNC turning machine

    • CNC turning 3/8"-10"?diameter x 30" long turning center
    • 14" x 30" CNC milling capacity
    • (2) Doosan SL-20 2 1/2" diameter capacity with a 4' bar feeder
    • Doosan Multi-Axis Lathe-turning & Milling

    Milwaukee Precision Machining wants to be your partner. ?Milwaukee Precision Machining is a division of Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc.

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