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    Multi-Axis CNC Machining

    Multi-Axis CNC Machining

    Our Precision Hass CNC 4-Axis Machining is a system where computer numerically controlled tools move in four ways to manufacture parts out of nearly any metal type.

    Hass Multi-Axis Machining Advantages:

    • Amount of work needed to manufacturer the piece is reduced
    • Complex parts are not an issue for Milwaukee Precision Machining
    • Better surface finish is achieved
    • Use for prototypes, short runs & high volume

    Milwaukee Precision Machining has a full line-up of multi-axis CNC machines to help us manufacture even your most complex components on time and within budget. Our extensive inventory allows us to machine parts to tolerances as close as +/-.001".

    Multi-Axis Equipment List:

    • Hass SL-30 10" x 30" round
    • Hass HL-1 8" x 14 Round
    • (3) Hass VF-2 VMC 12" x 15" x 28"
    • Hass Vf-3 VMC 12" x 20" x 32" with APC
    • Doosan VMC mill/drill with spin pallet
    • Kia VX650 vertical machining center 26” X 56” travel
    • (2) King 200 CNC horizontal machining center 20” X 20” X 24” travel
    • (1) King 200 CNC horizontal machining center 20” X 20” X 30” travel
    • Sunnen Hone 2” Bore
    • Broach up to ? key

    Multi-Axis CNC Machines

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